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Presently, Bethel Party Rentals receives over 1,000 orders per year and expects to exceed this amount in the near futureThank you for believing in us and counting on us throughout the years!


Bethel Party Rentals

A Dream Turned Miracle!

Jefferson Cardoso and Martin Herrera met each other when they worked together at a party rental company in Colorado.  They grew together a strong business relationship.  Unfortunately, the company changed ownership and Jefferson and Martin were out of a job.  The new owners brought along a new crew.  Determined to succeed, the men had to set forward a new plan.  Jefferson reminded Martin of something they had once heard a preacher tell them, "If you get fired from a job, don't worry.  It's just God's way of giving you something better; your own company".  Jefferson and Martin took the preacher's words to heart, believing there was something better just around the corner.  Soon they designed plans for their own rental business.  A former employer of Jefferson and Martin, Kenny Hopper, stayed on board with them bringing several years of experience and expanded knowledge about the industry. 

One of the largest obstacles was finding the money to start this new company.   Faithful that their plan would work, they refused to give up.  Using previous contacts and clients as recommendations, they approached the local Alpine Bank for a loan.  After the commercial loan officer reviewed all the paperwork, he asked the two men the amount of money they had as security for the loan.  Jefferson and Martin admitted that although they did not have the minimum amount required, they had a strong will and determination to make their dream come true.  Impressed by their resolve and attitude, the loan officer advised them to contact more people who might make an initial investment.  They had to raise $200,000.00 to receive final loan approval.  So the hunt for investors was on!

  A local businessman by the name of Mike Huck took interest in the sound of their plan when they explained it to him, but he remained unconvinced.  That same evening, Mike and his wife Jan attended a function where another businessman convinced them that the party rental industry was a profitable venture.  The following morning, Mike Huck contacted Jefferson and Martin requesting that he and his wife be allowed to review their business plan.  Impressed with both men and their plan, Mike and Jan Huck contributed the funds to start the business.  Jefferson and Martin's dream was coming true!

Once the loan received approval by Alpine Bank, inventory was ordered and stored in a 6,000 square foot building. It was a start, small inventory but large storage.  There was room to grow, and that is exactly what they did. 

Eight years have passed and now Bethel Party Rentals has grown much more.  It now owns and operates out of a 20,000 square foot building, full of inventory and adding more.  At present, Bethel Party Rentals receives over 1,400 orders per year and forecasts to exceed this amount soon.

We give God the praise for this miracle. Thanks to our family, friends, and great employees for all their hard work and support.  You, our clients, have made our success possible!  Thank you for believing in us and counting on us throughout the years!